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March 16, 2006 March 23, 2006

Posted by Linda Barnes in Afghanistan, Midwifery.

I write comfortably from Durango, CO; I am preparing to return to Kabul next week for six weeks. News of Avian Flu is a little scary; the security situation continues to teeter on some kind of edge.

I am gratified that midwife colleagues have sent their $25 annual membership/sponsorship for the Afghanistan Midwives Association (AMA); these fees will be a great boon to this nascent professional group in Afghanistan. Just before I left Kabul the AMA was officially welcomed as a full member of the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM). Midwives have a long and arduous path ahead in Afghanistan. Those of you who are midwives can imagine the challenges these midwives face in Afghanistan where women feel safest looking through the grill of a burka.



1. myscribbles - March 26, 2006

Hi, Linda.

I am Ahmad Shuja, an Afghan (of Hazara ethnicity) living in Quetta, Pakistan. I came across to your wonderful weblog from Technorati. I read the contents and found them very interesting. Thank you for the beautiful weblog.

I had a trip to Afghanistan in December 2005 with Copley News Service journalist, Marcus Stern. We covered various aspects of the lives of the ordinary Afghans, including the life of the people in Kabul. The stories are on my weblog.

Because of the relevance of the contents, I want to add a link to your weblog on mine; for this, I want your approval.

Thank you for your attention.

2. zahid - January 5, 2010

hi linda i hope that you will be fine and healthy
i read your sotreys and i hope that you will add me and also shere with me your sotres my e-mail add is zahid_s_hilal@yahoo.com

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